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  • Shoe Sustainability Summit 2023

    Tuesday, September 19
    Castaway Portland—1900 NW 18th Avenue, Portland, Oregon

    The Shoe Sustainability Summit is not just about how we measure and reduce—yes, we’ll cover that—this event is a blueprint for how companies create new systems, products, and strategies to boost ROI today while creating new revenue streams for tomorrow... reducing our footprints along the way. Summit attendees get free access to our Brews & Shoes Networking and Charity Event immediately following the Summit at Castaway. View full agenda here.


    Topics include:

    • New Bio Innovations and Performance Strategy
    • Case Studies in Sustainable Design
    • Understanding and Using Recycled Materials in Upcoming Lines
    • Operation Strategy: weight-based measures, LCA issues, science-based targets
    • End of Life Options and Updates
    • Regenerative Farming and Materials
    • Understanding Water Impacts
    • Innovations in Circularity
    • Traceability Strategy
    • EU and US Legal Review

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  • Don't miss our Brews & Shoes Networking and Charity Event

    Begins at the close of the Summit
    Tuesday, September 19 | 5:30 – 7:30 pm | Castaway Portland, OR

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    All Summit attendees get access to this networking event at the close of the Summit, where you can connect with friends from the west coast footwear community over brews, shoes, and tacos!


    ALL attendee proceeds benefit:

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    Connect, have fun, support charity and learn something new!

    *NOTE: Summit attendees are automatically registered for Brews & Shoes

  • Thanks to our Summit Sponsors

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  • Missed the 2022 Summit? Fear not!

    Access key content from the 2022 summit for a small fee here.

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  • Shoe Sustainability Summit 2023

    Tuesday, September 19
    Castaway Portland
    1900 NW 18th Avenue, Portland, Oregon

    Too many sustainability events talk about challenges without offering real solutions. We are not here to add more hot air—but to reduce it. The NO B.S. Shoe Sustainability Summit in Portland on September 28 has no sales pitches. No speeches about long-term goals. We won't "green-waste" your time or money on B.S.


    Click below to see all the topics we will cover featuring scientists, engineers and experts. This is the one event in 2022 you cannot miss if you design, develop, manage materials, or source shoes.

    Summit attendees get access to our Brews, Shoes & BBQ Networking and Charity Event immediately following the Summit, from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at Castaway.

  • Hot Topics at this Summit

    The 2022 Shoe Sustainability Summit will bring you expert information from scientists, engineers, and leading thinkers to help you increase your sustainable wisdom and sharpen your ability to execute. This Summit focuses on solutions, new ideas, and case studies on:

    • the latest trends with sustainable upper materials
    • midsole/outsole science
    • actual traceability
    • soil science
    • construction and production 2.0
    • recycling and circularity case studies


    Seating is limited. Reserve your spot now
    **FDRA members, act now for super savings – $100 off your registration for a limited time!**

    Contact us for discounted group rates (4+ attendees, FDRA Members Only)

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    Sustainable Shoe Endings: Recycling, Waste Management & Circularity

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    Sustainable Shoe Design, Construction, and Production

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    Sustainable Shoe Materials, Certifications, and Standards


    The most in-depth series to date on the hottest shoe sustainability issues​


    FDRA and The Footwearists teamed up in 2021 to deliver the most important sustainability series for footwear designers, developers, material, sourcing, and compliance professionals to date. All focused on helping you think, act, and do more sustainably in your roles to make a real impact across the hottest topics in our industry. Access this content on-demand through 2021 for critical insights and robust discussions on key sustainability topics to help brands and retailers mature their sustainability ideas, efforts, and programs.

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