• Session 2 | Sustainable Shoe Design, Construction, and Production

    Monday, September 13, 2021: Expert Insight Videos available on-demand

    Wednesday, September 15, 2021: Live Webinar plus Face-to-Face Q&A and Discussions on Key Issues


    True sustainability starts at the beginning. This session covers new trends, ideas, and practices for sustainable design. It covers new construction and production ideas that can help reduce environmental footprints while increasing efficiencies (ROI), and features case studies from leaders around the world.


    Session 2 will focus on:

    • Designing for easier end of life deconstruction
    • Designing with new sustainable production in mind (3D and other)
    • New methods to adhere shoes together
    • New ways to ensure performance but with newer EPMs
    • New eco-friendly production techniques for elements from components to finished goods
    • Developing a new framework and strategy to design and produce sustainably


    What to expect:

    • Monday, September 13: Session 2 kicks off here with access to several hours of recorded videos to help attendees understand these issues in-depth, train in how to think about them as part of your process and strategy, as well as key case studies and examples from industry leaders and experts to provide real-life experiences and new ideas.
    • Wednesday, September 15 (1.5 hours of live sessions, recording available on-demand after): There will be two live back-to-back sessions for key overviews and insights and a robust Q&A session with all attendees. First is a 45-minute live webinar featuring a panel of industry leaders discussing issues in-depth and fleshing out the ideas seen in Monday's training videos. Following the webinar will be a 45-minute live face-to-face session on Zoom meeting to allow all attendees the opportunity to ask questions to panelists and give opinions and comments to foster a robust debate and idea exchange, similar to an FDRA working group meeting. 
    • As we approach these dates, we will be updating this page with more specific topics and items we will cover.
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    • All content will be available on-demand for up to 4 months after the summit.
  • Session 2 Speakers

    Speakers will be added each week as we get closer to the event

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