• ​Material Exchange’s Sustainable Material Showcase

    See The Top Sustainable Materials In the Marketplace


    Visit Material Exchange's exclusive Sustainable Material Showcase that enables footwear brands, designers, and product development teams to view some of the top sustainable materials and find sustainable inspirations for new products.


    Browse sustainable materials from some of the largest suppliers in the world and pull together ideas for virtual product creation. The materials within the showcase are available to be downloaded and used within existing digital and 3D design software.


    Material Exchange will also show you how to optimize selecting the right suppliers with the right materials for your sustainable goals. We will also showcase how you can search suppliers and materials by sustainability filters. Improve design speed and product development timelines by searching, selecting, downloading materials and building new virtual products in real-time, with sustainable materials directly from the Material Exchange Digital Library Platform.


    The journey for sustainability starts with Material Exchange.

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